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New Stuff!

Welcome back to EraoftheEnvoy-Comic.com!

So far this is the schedule we're looking at for May: 

  • Coming Soon

Fingers crossed by May we'll be back up to a weekly schedule! Until then, feel free to come hang out on Twitch every Wednesday at 18:00 MDT for Era of the Envoy work!

'Have we learned yet?'

The chittering stopped but for a moment, attention paid where it was due.

'Lessons for those still there. Those not in this place. Lessons we carry back but forget when we return. It is a waste, yes?'

The white space faded to nothing but black, shrieks in the distance getting closer. 

And closer. 

A soft click growl, and the figure turned in a serpentine movement. 

'You didn't listen to my story. We are out of time.'

the growling morphed into a hiss, the creature's jaw unhinging to show rows and rows of sharp teeth, creaking in response. 

'Now there is work to be done, my darkness.'

-EotE Official


KATHAROS: The Shattered World

Adventure Webcomic by Beverly Toole